Bahrain 2017



6 months ago I had again a change in my life, lost my job and my apartment. My income stopped and I had to struggle again. With this constant fighting and struggle one thing I have learned is to never give up?never! and this time I didn?t have only me to support I have a cat also so I can?t just take him to the streets, as it was his fault he had to stay with me as I have promised him.

So I packed up my things and moved to my friends place in Juffair, that?s the busiest place in Bahrain when it comes to hotels, parties and expats. 

6 months has passed and it has been a different experience for a very unexpected experience I may say.

First days was just stress to sort out my things to get adapted, so it was not difficult as I?m a very adjustable lady i can handle the most when it comes to changes and moving (Most of the time) So the 6 months have been ok I cant complain but since I don?t have a job still its hard to do the things you want and do the things you want.

My driving licence expired 6 months ago too so I?m stuck as I cant re new my licence when I don?t have work Visa in Bahrain so sitting at home or going to cafes is what I can do for now.

Anyway enough of complaining.

Let me tell you a bit about my roommate, his name is Alexander and he comes from Denmark, only 27 years old but a very cool guy he takes care of me as I don?t have a job?. i do the cooking and take care of the apartment and he helps me with other things getting the groceries and taking me places I need to go. We both compliment each other in a way, he has struggled with different things bad habits are one of them and now slowly they are going away and its because of small changes in his life and with time all will be good.

Everyone needs a helping hand once or twice in his or her life.

Now my main reason for writing.

Ok Juffair, Bahrain most busy area of parties, hotels, prostitutes and expats.

Juffair is a place where expats lives meaning where most of the navy and company apartments are in Bahrain.

Ok I understand if you are a single man or woman this is the best place to move to meet and mingle with other expats, but seriously!!!!

This place is full of prostitutes and men who are married are enjoying their time here?and not only that the mekka of Saudis and Kuwaitis coming to juffair just to be with these girls are just crazy?Half naked girls and even during daytime standing in taxi queues in their underwear is not OK and special in a muslin country.

Many of the men here are getting relationships with these girls and they are young girls like 25 together with a guy who are 50 of age ???? What sense is that??? Its just sad ?these girls comes from poor families and they need a husband to support them to give them money so the get a boyfriend/husband or work in the streets, its really sad?.

One fact I can tell you are that Bahrain is very dependent of the Saudis as they spend their money here and Bahrain is not a very rich country so it goes both ways.

Bahrain is such a beautiful place with loads of culture so it makes me so sad that this can destroy the image of Bahrain?..

There is so much more I can tell you but I will end up writing a book.


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